Writing Lessons: How Do You Organize An Essay?

One of the biggest mistakes that a student can make when writing an essay is poor organization. The reason for this is that poor organization makes it hard for the audience to understand the writer’s ideas. Fortunately, this problem has a simple fix. Every essay has four basic parts, an introduction, the body paragraphs, the conclusion, and the reference page. Here are some tips for organizing each.


The introduction will be the first thing that your audience reads, so you want to make an impact. Begin by trying to grab their attention. Then, you can provide general information about the topic that you will be discussing. Toward the end of the introduction, you will want to introduce your thesis.

The thesis of your paper is one of the most important sentences. It will give readers a sense of your essay’s purpose and summarize what is to come in the following paragraphs. Often, it is a statement that you are trying to prove or a question that you have the intention of answering.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your essay will be presented between the introduction and conclusion. This is the main part of your paper. These paragraphs should be separated according to the idea that they are supporting. Begin with a topic sentence that relates back to your thesis and then provide facts that support this sentence. Writing an outline before you begin your paper will really help organize the facts and ideas that you have, so that your argument comes across clear and concise.


This is a paragraph that will be very similar to your introduction. Here, you should re-state the thesis of your paper and summarize what the reader should have understood after reading your paper. Additionally, you will want to use this section to give your readers a sense of closure. They should end this paragraph feeling as if you have provided sufficient evidence to support your thesis or answer the questions that were asked.

Reference Page

The reference page, or works cited, is where you will provide the references that you used in the essay. This can include ideas that were used, quotations, information, and more. This is placed at the end of your paper as a separate page and should be formatted according to your specific assignment guidelines. If you have questions, speak to your teacher or professor about their preferred means of formatting.

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