Possible Ways To Start A Narrative Essay Basic Hints

Crafting a narrative essay is one of the simplest things you should always smile when asked to do. Emphasis is always put on the way the writer starts off. For one reason or the other, your introduction can be either captivating or demotivating. Therefore, it is your personal choice to create the best or the worst. As a student, all you need to do is to aim for the highest so that you have nothing to worry you. Illustrated below are possible ways to set off your narrative essay:

Focus on the subject matter

Many people normally lose a lot of marks when they introduce their narrative essay without focusing on the given subject. Once you capture this in the introduction, you will have all the marks you deserve and therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Be certain that you have comprehended the subject because if you introduce an inappropriate subject, you will miss a lot of marks.

Get the reader back in past time

In crafting a narrative essay, you have to take the reader back in the past exactly when the occasion took place. A narrative essay does not necessarily have to be a true event that ever happened to you. You can cogitate of anything that is interesting to the reader. For instance, you can start off with the word “Long time ago” or “Ten years ago.”

Start off in the first person

When you are narrating a given story, the assumption is normally that you are the sole subject involved and therefore, you are supposed to write the work in the first person. For instance, use the word “I” to represent the main subject. However, there are some exceptions where you can narrate a story of another person or an event in which you were not really involved.

Give a setting

When you take the audience back in the past, you have to create a clear setting that shows where the event took place from. Here, you must first go back to the topic given so that the information given is pertinent. If your topic is about the “Best day you ever encountered in school” then your setting should be school. If you miss out this and instead start talking about something different, you would have gone the wrong direction. Do not miss out anything or else, you will lose a lot of marks.

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