A List Of Fresh Essay Topics On Religion And Its Importance

Religion plays a huge part in our mental structuring right from the morning of our lives. It actually takes a deep-seated dig at the societal framework, which imbibes thoughts and processes into individuals. These pass on through generations and the belief in God remains.

The unifying factor

Religion does have its importance in the societal fabric and also in unifying people from disparate places. In that sense, it has a great bonding effect on humanity. Sadly, the lines of divisions are still inevitable as there are too many religions on this planet.

It is not a Herculean task to devise essay topics on religion and its importance. Here are 10 potent ones for your reference –

  1. Should religion have a say over functions of the state – While it is generally advised to keep religion away from the state; certain countries, particularly Islamic ones, follow the trend and are none the poorer for it.

  2. Following fetishes – an anachronistic concept – Many tribes, especially in Africa and South Asia follow fetishes and even worship and abide by occult practices.

  3. Is religion the primary reason behind racism – It fights a close battle with immigration and that, sadly, is the truth of the matter.

  4. Comparing Christianity and Islam – They are two distinct religions and yet there are a few common factors such as circumcision. The essay demands in-depth analysis.

  5. The sense of belief that religion engenders – In this wavering world, religion stands out as a force to strengthen the cords of belief in humans. This credit has to be given to religion.

  6. The logics and myths behind superstitions – Where there is religion; there is bound to be superstition. Take a peek at 5 of them and then dissect.

  7. The breakpoint of God – The way we have divided Gods among ourselves, the Almighty may soon reach a critical point where his patience breaks.

  8. How to create a world free of communal violence – That would certainly be a Utopian world. However, by that same logic, the world is largely untenable.

  9. Belief in the oneness of God – There are a few people who belief that God is one; yes, his interpretations may be different. Expound that side of the theory.

  10. Is separation of trends actually a sign of unity in the case of religion – This is a complex topic and needs to be handled delicately by assessing different visions and perspectives. You need to do a little retrospection to come up with the right answers.

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