Creating Good College Essay Titles: Effective Techniques

If you knew how important your title really was, you’d put a lot more effort into making it great. It contributes to whether or not you get accepted into a certain program, it contributes to a better final grade, and it contributes to a better impression of the content of your paper.

How does one arrive at an effective essay title?

Some of the characteristics you should be looking to put into your title are:

Once you’ve written the title, be open to changing it if you think of a better idea. Also, look into the different types of titles so you can choose which type would best suit the type of paper you’re writing.

Types of titles and techniques to write them

Spending the necessary time perfecting your title will be worth it in the long run. Try several of the above styles if you’re not sure which is the best one for you and then compare the results. Copyright 2010-2020.