Composing A Captivating Essay Introduction On School Violence

School violence is sadly on the increase as more and more teachers struggle to control the behavior of the children entrusted in to their care. There is no single cause of this. Indeed the root causes are as fascinating as they are complex. This is therefore, an incredibly compelling, challenging but ultimately brilliant topic to be writing an essay on. I am sure that you are very well-versed in the art of essay writing. However, for the purposes of this article, I would just like to touch upon the importance of composing a captivating introduction that will jump out and pull your readership in.

Plan the whole essay first

Yes, we are only talking about the introduction right now, but before you can write this you really need to have a very good idea as to the direction in which your paper is headed. You don’t have to have it word perfect by any stretch of the imagination at this stage, but it is vital that you have at very least the bare bones, or the “skeleton” in shape.

Start with some statistics

A paper of this nature is most definitely going to be statistic driven as it will be the stats that will give authenticity to it. The best way of starting with a bang is to immediately introduce some compelling and undisputable information. Make sure that you check and double check this, as to make an error with this could prove fatal in terms of your grade and you don’t want to torpedo it from the very start!

Reference a particular school

There is nothing like the personal touch to really hook your readers in and make them connect and empathize with the problem at hand. In this scenario violence within the classroom. It really doesn’t matter which country in the world that you live in as sadly you will be able to very easily find evidence of this. It is rife in American schools, and unfortunately in recent years in Britain there have been instances where teachers have been murdered or at very least seriously injured in class.

Do not scaremonger

While violence is on the increase, you also have a duty to ensure that your paper is balanced. So, in your introduction you need to ensure that you set your stall out accurately and that you do not give a false sense of doom. Copyright 2010-2020.