A Comprehensive Tutorial On How To Structure A Twenty-Five Hundred Word Essay

There are a few things that will be different when writing a paper this length. Remember ways of writing does not change with the number of words. You will need to dedicate more of everything you do. The paper will obviously contain more information than a smaller length paper. This article will give a comprehensive tutorial on how to structure a twenty-five hundred word essay.

  1. You first must decide on a thesis. Which is done with most papers. The thesis must be either a very familiar one to you or a popular one. The popular thesis will have been published in many sources and easy to get your hands on this research. The thesis that is very familiar to you will already have a lot of the research at the tip of your tongue.
  2. Researching the topic. Remember you have to be able to find a lot more material than a smaller length paper. Gather enough interesting material so you can use between 10-15 sections that help explain your thesis. Depending on the number of paragraphs used you must select a topic sentence from those sections you chose earlier.
  3. Organize your outline. Do this by color-coding the material by paragraph. Keeping track of this information will make it easier to write. You just take the certain color and put together enough material to finish paragraph. It will also make a more positive flow to the reading. It is a long paper. The last thing you want is to just throw together words. When the story starts moving in all directions it will confuse the reader.
  4. You will need to edit and revise this work a number of times. You should get a few friends to read your work out loud. Ask them to give you their opinion on what the work is about. Use this criticism to make any desired changes. It will also give you a chance to hear any mistakes in the work. The more you hear it read the more familiar you will get with the entire paper. The best way to check the grammar, spelling, and mechanics is to read the paper backwards. When you read something from beginning several times you get familiar and skim. This leaves openings for missing mistakes. Read it backwards makes it foreign and you go slower.

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