A Complete Guide To Writing A High School Persuasive Essay

When asked to write a persuasive essay, you are supposed to pick a situation whether for or against a certain issue before convincing your reader to take action. This kind of writing, which is also referred to as argument writing aims to convince the reader of the paper to take action. The essay uses logic as well as reason to indicate why one idea is more logical as compared to the other. When writing this kind of paper, you must ensure that your argument make use of sound reasoning as well as solid evidence by offering logical reasoning, stating facts, quoting experts and giving some logical reasons. There are several steps that you should use to write a persuasive essay

Choose a position

Consider the side of the problem or issue that you intend to write about. You will also need to think of the solutions that you intend to offer. Consider the essay’s purpose.

Analyze the audience

You will need to consider your audience and think whether they agree with you, are neutral or doesn’t agree with the position you have taken.

Research the topic

In a persuasive essay, you are supposed to offer convincing and specific evidence. In most cases, you will need to search for more information above your experience and knowledge. It may be necessary for you to visit the local library and interview people who happen to be experts of the topic. You will need to choose a topic in which you have ample knowledge on. To add to this knowledge, be sure that you are informed of the topic, read thoroughly on the topic and be use to use some legitimate sources.

The essay’s structure

Consider the evidence that you want to include and the order in which you want to provide the evidence. Consider various factors such as the audience and topic.

Test the thesis

Ensure that you have a thesis comprising of two sides. The argument should be debatable. When you are able to write a thesis that directly opposes your own, you will have arguments that are debatable. Ensure that you disprove opposing arguments and understand appositive viewpoints that go against your points. Counter these arguments by offering contrasting evidence and finding mistakes and inconsistencies.

Support position

Ensure that you have evidence that supports the position. For more ideas on how to write a high school persuasive essay check this company.

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