A Review Of The Most Amazing Essay Topics For College Students

All college students are assigned to write essays on different topics. Sometimes they are provided with some prompts to assist them in writing, but not always. Let’s take a look at the start-off ideas which can help students pull off the job.

Noteworthy Essay Topic Ideas for College Students

  1. Tell about a situation when you failed in achieving your goal. What conclusions did you draw?

  2. Describe an event which totally changed your life. In what way did it change it?

  3. Tell about the book, movie or show that has had the biggest influence on you.

  4. Share your plans for the future. What are you going to do after college?

  5. Think of the thing you regret having done. If you could rewind time, what would you have done differently?

  6. Describe some embarrassing situation you lived through. Did you become a different person after it?

  7. Tell about a situation in which you had to communicate some sad news. What was the reaction of the person you communicated it to?

  8. Remember a situation where you had to choose between running a risk and playing safe. What decision did you make? Was it right? If you were to choose now, would you make the same decision?

  9. Why have you decided in favour of study? Wouldn’t it have been better to start working instead?

  10. Imagine there was only one admission spot in this college. Why should the college have made a choice in your favour?

  11. What makes you different from other people? What special skills do you have?

  12. What period of the 20th century do you consider the most important as far as it’s influence on modern life is concerned?

  13. Imagine you have only a couple of hours of your life remaining. What would be your steps? Are there things you would like to tell your relatives or friends about?

  14. What great person would you like to meet personally? What questions would you put him/her?

  15. What qualities of an animal (any animal you can think of) would you like to possess? Why?

  16. If you could rewind time back to any period of history, where would you head to?

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