Creating An Interesting Essay On Child Labour: 7 Helpful Guidelines

When writing about child labour, the aim is to engage and motivate people to take action. In this essay, we will explore 7 helpful guidelines to make writing about child labor more interesting for the reader.


Brainstorming is a key to thoughtful, engaged writing, regardless of whether it’s homework, research, a term paper or a freelance article. When brainstorming, turn the editor in your brain off and just write it all down. If you like, you can take 30 minutes or so to do this, then set it aside. When you come back later, you will begin to see relationships emerge between some of the ideas you wrote down. These ideas and relationships will become the core of what you write.

What this topic means to me

The key to writing about anything is to find personal meaning in it for yourself. What is it about child labour that touches your heart? Is it the fact that young children often work 12-15 hours a day in dirty, unsafe factories? Is it the fact that multinational corporations are still using child labour in certain parts of the world? Maybe you heard a dissertation on child labour that really motivated you to get involved. Whatever it is, use those deep feelings as your guide while writing.

Who is my audience?

Another key to writing effectively is to know your audience. What level of education do they have? What kind of careers do they work in? Where do they live? What are their religious/philosophical beliefs? What are their political views? What do they read? Researching questions like this can be very helpful in targeting your desired audience through your writing.

Attention grabbing title

There are a lot of different approaches to writing a great title, easily found with a little research. Here are some titles you should never write:

A compelling introduction

The best way to write a compelling introduction is to look back at your brainstorming and find something that triggers strong feelings. Draw on your feelings about this topic to create a compelling introduction. A good introduction will grab the reader’s attention and summarize the article in a few sentences.

Gripping details and arguments

If you have been involved in any efforts to reduce or eliminate child labour, then share your experience. Break that experience down into the details you need, and build your arguments for action around those experiences. If you haven’t been involved with trying to eliminate child labour, then ask yourself what troubles you the most about it? What do you think we should do about it? What would you like to do about it?

A memorable conclusion

To create a memorable conclusion, first summarize the topic and the points covered. Reiterate the importance of each point. At the end of your conclusion, try to find a way to restate the introductory sentence of your dissertation so that it effectively concludes your work.


We began with writing to get people interested in child labour and then explored 7 guidelines to writing an interesting essay on child labour. Following these guidelines will make it much easier for you to write an engaging thesis, complete homework, or other writing. Copyright 2010-2020.