List Of Top 25 Excellent Essay Topics About Jazz Music

Stumped about what to write for your jazz history class essay, term paper or freelance writing gig? This list is full of great topics for an essay, dissertation or article. Jazz is a great essay or research term paper topic because there is just so much to talk about! It is a musical genre that began as American, and since the beginning, it has transformed, defined an era, and touched the lives of many people, including the prominent Louis Armstrong. Vague topics can be explored in great depth because jazz is rich in culture and history. You may find yourself, while exploring one topic, exploring various cultures and time periods.

  1. How Jazz has changed over its lifetime since its inception in the late nineteenth century.

  2. The difference between jazz and “white jazz”.

  3. The influence of Ragtime on European composers.

  4. Pentatonic scales and Arabian stylistic influences in the early development of the Blues.

  5. The International Sweethearts of Rhythm and the feminist movement.

  6. Brass Bands and the escape from poverty.

  7. Ellington’s “American Music” and his influence on Jazz

  8. The portrayal of the Jazz Age in “The Great Gatsby”.

  9. Jazz and the Modernist movement.

  10. Was the “Jazz Age” the ruin of Jazz?

  11. The European migrants influence on Jazz.

  12. The Impact of electronics on Jazz in the Sixties.

  13. The emergence of Jazz in Japan.

  14. Improvisation in Jazz and its relation to modern rap.

  15. The role of Jazz in American 1920’s culture.

  16. Women of Jazz and their struggle in a male dominant industry.

  17. The musical influence of Louis Armstrong; his history and legacy.

  18. The emergence of flapper women in the Jazz Age.

  19. Is Jazz celebratory to black culture or a reminder of oppression?

  20. Jazz during the Great Depression.

  21. The first Jazz records and their influence on subsequent records.

  22. The influence of Jazz and the Blues on Jamaican Reggae.

  23. What is “Pure” Jazz?

  24. The art of the Jazz Album.

  25. The history and evolution of Latin Jazz.

Writing about Jazz is full of possibilities and discoveries. You’ll always learn something new while researching and writing your essay or term paper, whether it is about history, culture, or the lives of people. Infusing your paper with all three will give you a fleshed out and rounded paper to turn into your professor or client. Copyright 2010-2020.