Good Topics For A Persuasive Essay: 20 Interesting Questions

A persuasive essay should convince the audience to accept a particular position or take a specific action. So, you need to pick a debatable topic, conduct good research, think of the reader’s point of view, and demonstrate an understanding of different sides of the problem. You can find interesting ideas to write about in newspapers, blogs, advertising, speeches, or consider one of the interesting prompts below.

Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay: Questions with No Obvious Answers

  1. Does smoking help to reduce stress and make new acquaintances?

  2. Should high school attendance be mandatory?

  3. Can pets be people’s best friends?

  4. Should couples avoid conflicts to maintain healthy relationships?

  5. Is coffee the most necessary thing in any office?

  6. Should students be allowed to use slang in their academic papers?

  7. Do people become lazier because of new technologies?

  8. Should teenagers live together with their parents?

  9. Can music preferences reveal something interesting about a person?

  10. Should homeschooling be banned?

  11. Are late marriages less likely to end in divorces?

  12. Can family members provide a good care for elderly people?

  13. Should parents lie to their children about the tooth fairy?

  14. Can students learn more efficiently using a virtual reality?

  15. Is any war the form of a peacemaking operation?

  16. Are some posters objects of arts?

  17. Is online education the best option for working students?

  18. Should companies care more about the local communities and their needs?

  19. Do developed economies push the limits to growth?

  20. Should genetically modified food be sold without a warning label?

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