A List Of 20 Amazing Essay Topics In Ancient Literature For College

When you get to college you will find that there are greater demands on the kind of writing assignments you are expected to complete for any of your required literature courses. When writing on ancient literature you need to take advantage of anything that can give your essay an edge. So here is a list of 20 amazing essay topics for your consideration:

  1. In the medieval classic poem Beowulf, the hero must face three distinct challenges that are metaphorical in natures. What do they say about Danish society?

  2. Homer has long been credited for composing both the Iliad and the Odyssey. What proof is there that he may not have been the only writer responsible for those works?

  3. How do ancient literary works from the Americas compare to those of the early European societies in terms of how they relate to nature?

  4. What do the ancient religious texts of middle-east suggest about the way people lived in those times by which the texts were produced?

  5. What role do creation myths play in the early texts found from ancient Egypt? What do these myths suggest about the way society was structured?

  6. How are the ancient Greek tragedies similar to the plays that originated from ancient Rome? How are the plays different?

  7. Provide a comparison of the relationship between God and people in the earliest versions of the Bible and the Koran? How has these views changed over time?

  8. Beowulf’s author is unknown and it is believed the form in which we know the poem is actually composed by several authors. What evidence from the text supports this theory?

  9. How do the plays of ancient Greece present a view of the way Greek life contemporary life existed and how society functioned?

  10. How do creation stories of the peoples of America differ from those stories that originated in Europe and Africa?

  11. How do ancient military texts of Japanese literature resemble those of Eastern and Western European regions?

  12. What can be learned about the government and society in ancient Rome in Ovid’s Metamorphoses? Does it deal strictly with known myths?

  13. The travel memoir is largely a modern form of writing that has its earliest appearance in the journals of the world’s explorers. Can the Odyssey be considered an earlier form?

  14. What role did creation myths have in establishing and maintaining a ruler’s or king’s rights over the people of the early societies?

  15. How is the ancient Mayan Codex similar to the creation myths of other early societies in North and South America?

  16. Should ancient religious texts across different cultures be included in the ancient literature in college courses?

  17. Can you identify certain themes in the cave drawings and art created by the early societies in Europe and in Africa?

  18. In what ways does the classical literature of any culture influence the kind of contemporary writing that has emerged in those areas?

  19. What themes from classical literature have survived across centuries and have made their way into modern literature?

  20. How did classic literature influence the works of Elizabethan-era playwrights such as Shakespeare and Marlowe?

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