19 Controversial Essay Topics About Jobs And Unemployment

Coming up with a good essay topic about jobs and unemployment is important in writing a great assignment that is interesting and leaves a lasting impression. Sometimes it’s a good idea to choose something out of the box – something that might be considered controversial. We’ve come up with a list of 19 controversial essay topics for your consideration:

  1. Do you think that people on unemployment should face stricter qualification criteria (such as drug testing) when receiving benefits beyond a certain period?

  2. Should unemployed workers be forced to take mandatory resume writing and job interview courses and receive certification before receiving benefits?

  3. Do you think that people who are on disability should get unemployment benefits as well or should the two be independent?

  4. How has job growth in certain sectors affected the unemployment rate in the United States?

  5. How effective would implementing a resume writing and interview course be as required course in high school and college be on employment?

  6. Resume writing is a skill that very few possess as a result of only having to craft documents every few years. Should employers require their employees to update documents?

  7. How do recessions affect the unemployment rate in the United States and should the government do more to create jobs?

  8. Do you think that technology has made looking for and applying for jobs easier or has it made it more complex for the average person?

  9. Do background checks do more harm or good for the nation’s economy when it comes to finding the most qualified job seeker?

  10. Do you think that people who are unemployed should apply for public service jobs that many other are unwilling to apply for?

  11. How have applicant tracking systems made it more challenging for job seekers to get their foot in the door when it comes to seeking employment?

  12. Which are the fastest growing job industries and are students in high school and college prepared to join these industries?

  13. Should criminal background checks be made mandatory for all job positions regarding of degree of risk or industry?

  14. Should people receiving unemployment benefits be held to stricter financial reporting when it comes to paying taxes?

  15. What are the biggest reasons for the steady fall of the unemployment rate in the United States over the last decade?

  16. Do you traditional core classes in both high school and college should be de-funded as a result of employers seeking more practical skills related to technology and business?

  17. Do you believe that current laws and policies protecting employees from discrimination are being abused by employees who have performed poorly at their jobs and have been let go?

  18. What are the biggest challenges faced by employers who are unable to conduct a thorough criminal background check on potential candidates at low risk positions?

  19. Should people who have received unemployment benefits be forced to payback those benefits in the future as a means to lessen the tax burden of others?

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