15 Simple Argumentative Essay Topics To Boost Your Passion For Writing

Thousands of people are looking for tips to boost their writing skills. An argumentative essay helps you to provide these tips in a simplified and easy to understand way. Here are topics for you to consider when writing such a paper.

  1. Writing is a skill not a talent

  2. Which is the best hour to write fiction?

  3. Are the best writers necessarily avid readers?

  4. Does blogging produce passionate writers?

  5. Does writing pay?

  6. Reporting journalism kills creativity

  7. Technology will eventually kill the novel

  8. Creative writing should be regarded as a science and not an art

  9. Mastery of language is a basic necessity for any writer

  10. Writing should be a profession for everyone just like language and communication

  11. Writing is only for the intelligent

  12. The possibility of blogging an entire novel

  13. Social media has diluted the value of the written word

  14. Speech writers define the agenda of the nation

  15. Is poetry facing extinction

The topic sets the pace for your essay. It will either entice a reader to go deeper into your work or send the writer away. To ensure that your work is captivating, you must choose your topic well. Here are factors to consider when selecting a topic.

  1. Relevance- the topic should be within your area of study and grade. Follow the course outline to align your topic with the issues you are handling at that level. Unless you have been given the liberty to choose any topic, ensure that it falls within the limits of your course.

  2. Fresh- identify an area that is yet to be studied and base your essay on it. Areas where other writers have written extensively will not add value to writing. In fact, you will be repeating what other people have been saying unless you have a unique perspective you wish to pursue.

  3. Specific- your topic should provide a clear indication of what you are handling. Never leave the reader to guess what is handled in your paper. It is these expectations that entice a person to read your work.

An argumentative essay topic in writing should bear strong points that are supported by facts. The facts are obtained through extensive reading. It is through research that you find ideas to support your point of view and thus strengthen your arguments.

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