How To Come Up With Great Essay Ideas-10 Helpful Hints

Essay ideas make the basis of a great essay. If you have none, there is no point of writing because what you are going to put down will be pointless. As a great writer, you must look for essay ideas irrespective of the topic you have been given and the specific subject of focus. Try these 10 hints:

Have a look at what others are doing

If you must also become great, you need to emulate some of the known writers. Look at the way they come up with the ideas and the employ the same method to come up with your own work. This will make everything be so easy.

Read broadly

Great essay ideas are based on how extensive you read. For instance, if you take multiple sources into account, you will be highly enriched with knowledge and then you will do it easily. However, make sure that you do not spend your entire time doing research.

Cogitate about the title

It is advisable for each writer to back to the title given by the original writer of the dissertation paper. It will then be easy to come up with different ideas when you have read the title and comprehended everything.

Consider the specific thing you want to talk about

If you know what you really want to talk about you will have an easy time coming up with the ideas that will guide you on how you will write the paper.

Formulate questions

After you are sure about the title you want to write about, you can come up with ideas by simply formulating questions about it. For instance, ask yourself what the title is all about.


Basically, brainstorming entails jotting down all the points that comes to your mind on a paper and later picking only those that are strong enough to be used in your writing.

Respond to thought-arousing questions

There are multiple questions you might ask yourself as you read through your title or the introduction.

Tracing back

If you come across something that is important, you can trace it back. For instance, if it is a descriptive word, you can get to know what it specifically refers to. For instance, you can ask yourself: How did it come about?

Figure out the subject of focus

As you take your time to read through the paper, it is important to understand the main subject that the author stresses on. You can then go on to mention the key features that define it.

Look at thesis statement

The central idea of the paper can be a great place to direct you on what specific ideas you can draw from it. You need to know what it is all about and everything will be easy. Copyright 2010-2020.